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Start a travel blog

Start a travel blog

With Destipod, you can create your own travel blog or your personal travel diary in seconds. Just register and get started. It is left to you alone, how you form your contributions. Write travel reports, upload photos and videos or create whole photo galleries, whether with or without Internet.

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Share your stories

Share your stories

When traveling, you will experience the most beautiful moments and adventures. You discover fascinating landscapes and dive into new worlds. You will see many great things on the way. With Destipod you have the possibility to share all this with others. You can post anywhere with your free travel blog.

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Lasting memories

Lasting memories

Did not you ever feel the same way? Just a few weeks have passed since your last journey, the memories begin to fade. With the stories in your personal diary and your photos and videos, you can easily look back on all your experiences at any time. Start now and sign up for a completely free Account.

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Create a Travel Book for all your Trips

Around the World Blog

Round the World Blog

You go on a trip around the world or go as a backpacker through different countries? Share your great experiences as globetrotters in your own travel blog!

Holiday Blog

Holiday Blog

Do you like to travel and want to share your travel photos, videos and tips? Just create your holiday blog and share all your travel reports.

Travel Diary

Online Traveldiary

Do you enjoy writing, and you want to keep all the memories of your journey in a diary? Start your personal online travel book and capture your memories!

Exchange Blog

Exchange Blog

You are traveling abroad for an extended period of time, doing an exchange, a foreign semester or working as an au pair. Share your daily life with your homeowners.

Your Travel Blog Functionality

Create a travel blog and blog together

Your travel blog, together!

True to the motto "together instead of lonely". You are traveling together and want to publish new posts in your shared travel blog? No problem! By inviting your travel partners as authors to your travel blog, you can easily write your own travel reports, upload photos and videos. So you can share all the great experiences of your trip together in a shared blog.

Set up your privacy

Do you want to make your travel blog available only to a close circle of relatives and friends or do you want to publish your travel reports only after your trip? At Destipod, you can choose different privacy settings for your travel book. If, for example, you create a password protection, your readers do not even have to register with Destipod.

Set your blog privacy
Create your custom blog design

A travel blog made for you

Destipod is very easy to use and clearly arranged, so you will quickly get along. However, we do not nail you to our design. If you like, you can have your travel blog shine in your own individual design. We provide you with numerous templates. Not only your blog, but also your reports can be arranged according to your mood and filled with texts, photos or galleries and videos.

How to Create a Blog?

On Destipod you can write your own travel blog. Just register with us and create your first travel blog in a few seconds and you can start blogging. By the way, you can create as many travel blogs as you wish. No matter if you need a separate, or maybe a public and a private blog for each trip. Of course you can also keep all your travels in a blog. Your travel reports are then sorted by date, destination or hashtag. So you can always look back on past trips. Use our free app for iOS or Android to edit your travel blog, write new posts or upload photos and videos. Of course you can also write your travel blog privately for your friends or family.

How your blog could look like!

Thousands of people around the world have chosen Destipod. Become a travel blogger and tell others about your experiences. Just have a look at some travel blogs to see what you can do with Destipod and let them inspire you with their stories. You'll see how different blogs are at Destipod, because every blogger is different, every blog individually. Here are some great examples.
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