Top 5 books that can be used while travelling

Nowadays people have to travel a lot for certain meetings, interviews, exams etc. And people usually follow the same process every time as they put their earphones on and listen to their favorite music till they reach to the destination. However, according to us the process should not be the same every time, especially if you are having a smooth and peaceful ride. For such situations, one should definitely opt for reading books rather than anything else as reading books provide you the immense amount of pleasure which nothing else can. There are lots of good books to read while travelling to India and here are the names of the books that we feel are the best.

  • The Secret History – The book has got some superb reviews as the story in it revolves around some college friends who murder one among them and then try to cover it up in certain possible ways. The book has remained bestseller and is one of the best picks to read while travelling.

  • Eat, Pray Love – The book is written by Elizabeth Gilbert and it is one of the best books that one can ever read while he is travelling somewhere. The book takes you to various countries of the world and you feel like you are really travelling in those countries

  • Shantaram – This amazing book is written by Gregory David Roberts and was one of the bestselling books of its publishing year. The book tells us about the slums and mafias of Mumbai and in addition to it, it tells us so much more which none of any previous books has told us.

  • The Secret – The bestseller book has gathered so many lovers in very decent amount of time. This book is a motivational book and tells us that whatever a human mind thinks, he gets it in reality so we should always think positive in every critical situation. The book is still being loved by lots of people and definitely would be a great fun reading it while travelling.

  • Marching Powder – this book is written by famous writer Rusty Young and the story of this book revolves around a drug trafficker and how he managed to run illegal tours sitting inside a prison. The story is really interesting which will keep you intact to the seats while you are travelling somewhere.

These were the top 5 good books to read while travelling to India or around the world. The books are very light, interesting and knowledgeable. There are many more books available in the market which could be bought as well, but according to us, these are the best books that one should boy as the interest that one show while reading these books wouldn’t be shown in any other book. However, if you are a student, then these books are good for you too, however, we prefer that you should carry some of your study related books like books related to Indian history, political science, economy and science as well. These books will not only keep you intact to your seats but will also help you in your studies.