Africa, South Africa

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Trip Report Selfishness

We live in such a selfish world where everyone is just for themselves. You surrounded by people all day but when it really matters you all alone. Like if you don't think of yourself no one is gonna think of you. And the people you share your secrets


Trip Report When a thing disturbs the peace of the heart, give it up!!!!

When a thing disturbs the peace of the heart, give it up!!! How easy it is to say this but not that easy to do. It's been an entire year and I still can't give it up. Somedays it just comes to me without me even thinking of it and others I think I pu


Trip Report Crazy in love

I've always wondered if maybe someone was so in love with me the way I was with him. Today I got that answer. And strangely enough I don't feel the same about him at all. Someone who I made go weak at knee, the whole zoo in your tummy, heart racing f


Trip Report Missing you

Is it possible to miss someone you don't really know? Someone who you made this idea of who you thought he was? And not too sure if he really was like that? I miss this someone almost every day. This someone I fell in love with. Not because I knew hi