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Trip Report I wrote this yesterday.

A few days ago we made our way into Da Lat via a BEAUTIFUL bus journey through the mountains.  What a picturesque, almost quaint little place this is.  It’s said to be the “Little Paris” of Vietnam – not quite seeing the Paris thing, but it


Trip Report Better late than never.

[THIS POST IS A FEW DAYS BEHIND] Here we are again – on a sleeper bus.  It’s still blowing my mind how they fit 41 people (in beds) on one of these things.  We’re now leaving Hoi An, heading to Nha Trang – the beach town! We’ve been


Trip Report We made it!

Well, by now you guys have probably realized that we’ve made it to Vietnam.  We flew into the capital city, Hanoi, where we stayed for a few days.  And though the food was the best that I’ve had in a long time, the traffic was enough to


Trip Report Travel advices : How to plan a Vietnam holiday?

What will you do if one day, the idea of traveling to Vietnam comes in your mind and you want to have a Vietnam tour package as soon as possible? But there is an important question arrives: What is a travel plan for a Vietnam tour? In this article,


Trip Report 5 reasons to travel to Sapa by road

Sapa is truly a place not to be missed for those wishing to admire the famous rice terraces and experience the authentic life of minorities. Did you know? The September 21, 2014, the highway Noi Bai - Lao Cai was opened to traffic . The circula


Trip Report Phu Quoc, tropical cyclone Vamco, and Yasmeens worst nightmare

After our long and often tiring tour of Vietnam, we were looking forward to a well earned beach break which we had planned on the tourist haven of Phu Quoc. The island is supposed to be a paradise of white sandy beaches - but unfortunately for us, tr


Trip Report Mekong Delta

Our first impression of Vietnam was provided by Ho Chi Minh city. Tall buildings, crazy traffic and excellent hospitality. However rather than stay to enjoy rooftop drinks and war sites we decided to spend the one day we had, to see the nearby Mekong


Trip Report Finally, a cave I can fit into – Phong Nha

After an enjoyable trip to Hue, we continued North and further into Vietnam's interior via a public bus to Phong Nha. By now Seb and Lyss, two good friends from school and their son Eli have joined us, so the bouncy and sometimes hot bus journey seem


Trip Report Cat Tien National Park

We arrived in Cat Tien by local bus which was an interesting experience. It was loud and overly crowded and on board people were selling various things that they were transporting along the way. We were the only English speakers and we weren't too su


Trip Report Eating my Pho at Hue

Ok, Hue was my idea. I wanted to see the ancient citadel, and so I stole half a day from our schedule for us to visit. It was a rush, but it was very worthwhile. We arrived at midday after taking a sleeper bus from Hoi An - which I have to say was ve


Trip Report The Pretty City of Hoi An

The Thu Bon River stretches through the heart of this romantic city. Narrow streets wind out from either side of the river banks, from which clothing and décor spill out of shops lining them. If there had been masks, I would have thought we'd arrive

Alexandra Morris

Trip Report Vietnam Escapade

I have done a lot of travelling through Asia, and Vietnam is a really cool combination that I have not seen in other countries like Japan, Thailand, or Malaysia. The people are very outgoing, but it feels like they are not catering to you in the same

caaren hulme

Trip Report Finding our feet in Hue.

Landed Hue late afternoon after 22 hours of planes and transit lounges. We were greeted with a big warm smile from our driver. Thankfully we did not have to navigate the streets of Hue ourselves. Feeling very ambushed of sleep and my body was screami

Karla Dey

Trip Report Cat Ba Island

    After a hectic 3 weeks of travelling Vietnam we planned to spend our final week relaxing at Cat Ba Island, a tropical paradise located near Halong Bay, an area famous for its thousands of limestone karst islands.  (more&helli

Karla Dey

Trip Report A Brief Stopover in Hanoi

Our second trip to Hanoi was even shorter than our first and nothing much memorable happened there. Our bus trip to Hanoi however was a little more eventful. (more…)