New York City, United States

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Trip Report New York to Bogota

Currently sat waiting for my flight with the worse sore throat ever. Hope it’s not gonna turn into anything worse! Boarding the 6 hour flight soon. Didn’t get a window seat which sucks! Hopefully I can sleep most of the way.


Trip Report “The Road Trip to [Harvard]”

We are actually going on our way to Yale, but the title suited. We took off early this morning to get our car: a Nissan Sentra. We threw all our things in and hopped on the Connecticut Turnpike. Argentines drink mate on the road, and we are not th


Trip Report “Gilmore Girls Only”

We arrived at JFK today. We found our little rented apartment, right in the heart of New York. We settled in and got ready to start our first day of city tour. We have our little bags packed for a two day road trip. We have to get our rent-a-car rese


Trip Report NYC

New York, New York! It’s massive, huge; society on a grand scale, the ultimate metropolis! It’s building after building, block after block, street after street and still the horizon is blocked by mans towering creations. Grand! That’s a great w


Trip Report Central Park

Walking around in New York is always an expedition. Every time you can discover something new, not only on your first trip to this amazing city but also on your second or third or tenth trip. There is just so much to see and to do. On my first day