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Trip Report New York to Bogota

Currently sat waiting for my flight with the worse sore throat ever. Hope it’s not gonna turn into anything worse! Boarding the 6 hour flight soon. Didn’t get a window seat which sucks! Hopefully I can sleep most of the way.

Jessica Walrack

Trip Report Self plagiarism: ridiculous examples by famous writers

The world of academics keeps on changing and getting into details. Publications are getting more complicated due to the many developments regarding text matching. While this is in an effort to make researches more justified, some of the parameters


Trip Report Hollywood – Walk of Fame & Hard Rock Cafe



Trip Report The Cheesecake Factory

On the way to the CheeseCakeFactory ...... Yummie......  


Trip Report Just arrived in LA ….. Mustang … 😉


Trip Report Ich war noch niemals in New York…

  In New Yoooooooork!! We're here, in the City of Dreams. Also, the city of °F-reezing temperatures. As we had to wait for Kelly to get home, we took cover in a café, changed into warmer clothes and ate a late lunch. We arrived a


Trip Report Philly

From the bus we could see Philly’s skyline on our way in to the city. A short walk later through the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, we arrived at the house of our host Scott, who came walking up to his at the same time. While chat


Trip Report E pluribus unum!

We enter the city on the I-95, passing the Pentagon and soon spotting the Washington Memorial.   We drive past the Jefferson memorial, as well as the FBI HQ on our way to Easter brunch, hosted by Joanne and R. David, Julia's friends from h


Trip Report Going back in time in Williamsburg

When we arrived in Williamsburg we still had some time before sunset and so we left the car to walk around the old colonial part of town. Williamsburg is known for being one of the first settlements in the United States and people here take


Trip Report Flying on the Oyster Banks

After a night in Jacksonville we started early in the morning to get to the Outer Banks. On the way there we crossed the Alligator River and drove a stretch through the nearby National Wildlife Refuge. A short stop later at the visitors center


Trip Report Charleston

Although the surprise visit to winter wonderland was pretty, our backpacks contained few clothing items that made it pleasurable for an extended visit. Yet, as we drove down, there was still a small bother on our minds: We didn’t have a place to sl


Trip Report From 25ºC to 25ºF – exploring the Great Smoky Mountains

Leaving Asheville meant entering the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Parkway is a more than 400 miles road that stretches over the tops of the Blue Ridge. The Parkway is famous for amazing views and it's rich wildlife next to the nearby hiking trails. When w


Trip Report Asheville – T(w)o be(er) or not t(w)o be(er)

When we first arrived and our host Dan opened the door Julia was shocked. What I didn't know was that Dan apparently looked like Walter White from the TV series 'Breaking Bad'. Well, make your own judgement of it, when you see the pictures. I


Trip Report Because I’m happy…

Due to traffic we arrived with some delay at Brian’s home in Charlotte. We had found him on couchsurfing, where he had 100s of positive reviews from surfers he had previously hosted. He had let us know that dinner would be ready by the time we arri


Trip Report Departure approaching!

21 days until we depart.   Here are some things running through my mind:  NO MORE SHOTS (I still need more shots), should I pack more sunscreen, 5 outfits for possibly 5 months, I need more pants, I'll just get them there, I hope that I d