North America, Trinidad And Tobago

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Trip Report I’m feting MORE THAN YOU!

(FETING = pigeon English for partying. From the French "fête". The title of this blog entry is the name of a Carnival song we had been hearing for weeks...) We went back to Trinidad with the ferry again, this time, however, we were sure about not


Trip Report Diving and working with “La Tartaruga”

Back to Tobago, back to "regular life", comprised of some working out in the garage, and some restaurant work at night. We also continued with the yard work, Susi and Astrid had been busy while we were gone, so now it was time to take advantag


Trip Report SAIL!

It was a strange good-bye with Susi at 5:30 AM in front of the ferry. Would we see her again? We didn't really know what would come from this trip to Trinidad, would we want to go with the captain we had only just met? What is the boat like? All of t


Trip Report Good morning 2016

After the Christmas festivities the next big celebration on everyone’s calendar was New Year’s Eve. We spent it together with Susi and Simon at her friend’s house, a beautiful villa situated on top of the hill, right by the beach. The family ha


Trip Report Tobago Nice!

Susi and Simon were waiting for us at the port when we arrived. At home we met the rest of the family: Susi's dad Manfred, her mom Astrid, the two dogs Mogli and Charlie, and the cat Loca.  Since, Susi's little sister is not at home at the moment, w


Trip Report Travellers of the Caribbean – The Curse to Trinidad and Tobago

Flying over the Atlantic and Caribbean sea is amazing. I expected the sound of the aircraft to be different as it was my first time on a propeller plane. But actually the flight was super smooth and after an hour the green hills from the South-Easter