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Trip Report Turkey Vacations: Marmaris Resort Advice for Travellers on a Budget

Marmaris is among the best known seaside resorts in Turkey. It is a fun-filled area, where visitors are inspired to stay conscious and appreciate life, forgetting about slumber. To create it much more economical but nevertheless entertaining, as the


Trip Report Istanbul What up?!?!?!

Arrived in Istanbul


Trip Report Explore Beautiful Marmaris

Excitement never stops in Marmaris. If you have had enough fun and adventure on land, you can head to the seas! The pristine blue waters of the Aegean and the Mediterranean Seas are perfect getaways to enjoy your Marmaris vacation to your content. We

Metin Caliskan

Trip Report Ephesus Tours

Kusdasi went to the seaside, where there was a very nice hotel. 4 stars and spacious rooms were very spacious and also had a very nice sea view. the hotel is very large hauz and blue beaches and coastline had nayrakl. It was nice to swim and sunbathe

Metin Caliskan

Trip Report Troy and Gallipoli Tours

Troy 4 hour bus ride transportation have made. We went on a road very nice highway. we have come to Canakkale city center. We met our tour guide. There were many restaurants in Canakkale coast. here is a very nice breakfast in the morning which comp

Metin Caliskan

Trip Report Cappadocia Tours in Turkey

Cappadocia is a wonder of nature and the place is very beautiful and charming city. The first hotel we went here as a special cave. Hotels in Urgup and cool in summer and warm in winter here, which had a natural ventilation system. With our tour gu


Trip Report Ferienwohnung mieten in Lkyische küste / Türkei

Sunset Beach Club-Located right on Calis Beach just outside Fethiye, this resort offers air-conditioned apartments with sea views. Facilities include several outdoor pools and an indoor pool. Sunset Beach Club apartments combine modern amenities and