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                                                                         Yesterday we got a little greedy and signed up for a Thai cooking course, worth it.  We had such a great time – and I think that I might


Trip Report It’s been a little while…

  I haven’t forgotten about the blog – just haven’t had too much to say.  Though, since the last post we’ve crossed another border.  Welcome to the Kingdom of Thailand. Cambodia, as a whole, was hard.  There were child begga


Trip Report Koh Lanta

November 13th to November 17 After a few days of settling in and adjusting to the time change we decided to take the boat out to the beautiful island called Koh Lanta. Nick had been to this island before and was really eager to see how it had chan


Trip Report Departure and Arrival

Time to pack the backpack... Nick and I are going on our next big adventure! November 9th 2015 After a long weekend of watching the schedule for the flights affected by the Lufthansa strike, I decided to go ahead and book a train ticket from Ha


Trip Report Chiang Mai

The overnight train from Bangkok to Chaing Mai was very comfortable. Just like in India, there were four beds in a compartment and we shared our space with a lovely girl from Bangkok. We arrived fresh in Chiang Mai and it instantly appealed to me


Trip Report Bangkok

Leaving India almost felt like leaving the nest. Our solo jaunt to the North had been exciting but easy and we knew we'd be home in a few days. After almost a month in India, the first shock was stepping on to the plane to Thailand where we were gree

Steve Selina

Trip Report We’re Goan for a surf

Who says you can't surf in India? Well; most people, actually. But we found a place where it's just about possible. (more…)

Adam Wilson

Trip Report We’ve arrived!

We've arrived in glorious Chiang Mai! No stopping us now.   We'll keep you all posted as much as possible and hopefully see you's out here!

Karla Dey

Trip Report Final Stop in Hanoi

Our return trip to Hanoi from Cat Ba wasn't quite as quick as the way there as we seemed to stop a few times at the whim of the driver; nevertheless we made it back to the busy city without too much pain by mid-afternoon. We were dropped at a bus sta

Karla Dey

Trip Report Inle Lake

  After a very bumpy and disturbed sleep on the bus from Hsipaw we arrived in Inle lake at the reasonable hour of 7 am thanks to the unexpected breakdown. Though we disembarked on a main street in town within a few hundred metres of a clu


Trip Report Tag 1 Ankunft in Bangkok

Ankunft in Bangkok! Back again :)

Karla Dey

Trip Report From Ko Phi Phi to Bangkok

  From Ko Phi Phi we had originally planned to make our way to Ko Tao, another island famous for learning how to dive, but after hearing a few less than glowing accounts of the dives from a few people and also finding out that accommodati

Karla Dey

Trip Report Ko Phi Phi

  Ko Phi Phi was a quick 1.5 hour boat ride from Krabi and we decided to head there for one night before moving on to Ko Tao – an island famous for its diving. Ko Phi Phi, which consists of 4 islands, used to be off the beaten track for

Karla Dey

Trip Report Krabi Town

  Our first destination in Thailand was the gateway town of Satun, located on the South West of the Peninsula. Originally we had planned to catch the early morning ferry (9am) and then get a midday bus through to Phuket, however due to se