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Trip Report Availing Superstar Virgo Cruise Singapore Packages at Discounted Price

Cruise vacation provides you a life time experience. Anyone could spend a quality time with their family members and loved ones on cruise. Nowadays, cruise vacations are very popular among the tourists due to its beautiful sea, travelling experie

Denis O'Sullivan

Trip Report Buddha Tooth Relic temple

The Buddha Tooth Relic temple is a shrine constricted to house the Buddha tooth which was found in Burma. The temple was built in 2002

Denis O'Sullivan

Trip Report Hawker Complex Food Tour in China Town

A hawker center is like a shopping mall for cooked food. Hawker complexes are multilevel shopping malls for food.  I wanted to know how these worked and where to get the best food in china town because of the incredible number of places to eat out.

Denis O'Sullivan

Trip Report The Goodwood Hotel

I finally got around to checking into the hotel. I left all my stuff at the hotel in the morning to go on the Little India tour. The root and facilities are very nice with a large pool in the middle of the hotel. There is a tailor and confectionery p

Denis O'Sullivan

Trip Report Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is an iconic structure in Singapore. More impressively is the sky park at the top of the structure.  Guests can access a pool on the top of the building. Unfortunately, I am not a guest (this time) and can only go to the observation

Denis O'Sullivan

Trip Report Little India in Singapore

Different cultural influences are ingrained in the social fabric of Singapore. The different parts of Singapore provide a distinct stimulation of the senses through the different local delicacies to the  architecture of the neighbourhood. I explored

Denis O'Sullivan

Trip Report Found the hotel in Singapore

Through the murky mist of the humidity emerged the Goodwood hotel. I finally unloaded the stuff I was carrying. The Goodwood hotel had a very inviting red carpet entrance. Only after entering did i realise this is not the intended entra