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Trip Report Varannan vatten!

Goodbye Friedi, but not goodbye Uppsala. It was time to crash Sanna’s place and prepare for what was about to come. But, all in due time. After a short and concise crash course about the history of working hours at the university, we strolled aroun


Trip Report Välkommen hit, välkommen hem!

On the display in front of our seats it became evident that we were approaching Europe. Through the window we first saw Iceland and later on we spotted the coast of Norway. From above it almost looked surreal: lots of land and forests but where we


Trip Report Uppsala i vårt hjärta

We left our bikes in Germany, and took the train to Sweden, so the trip back to our old home was much quicker! Haha, just kidding. With 11 hours delay we were finally in Uppsala. But fun story from the trip: S. had forgotten his Bahn card at home an


Trip Report Hello world!

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