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Travel Tip When in Argao…

  Want to experience euphoric peace? A spot where you can have fun with your friends or do meditation if you prefer. The resort is also available for exclusive bookings for private gatherings, family reunions, Parties, or team buildings. Varl


Trip Report Dotted view

Palawan - El Nido After spending two nights in Manila - with a visit at the Divisoria market where you can easily get lost between people, dust and New York Yankies caps - we moved to El Nido to finally get not only sunshine but also beach. We


Trip Report Here we are!

Manila The day of leaving London behind for my travelling adventure finally came and here from Philippines I write my first post. I arrived in Manila mid afternoon around 4pm. Gontxo waited for me at the airport with his mobile ready to capture


Trip Report Calaguas Islands Trip Guide: The Cheapest Way Possible

Travel Blogger and close friends recommend Calaguas Island and more folks are raving this, now it is time for me to really what is island out there. As I’m not a fan of trip packages, I did some investigation for a BUILD IT YOURSELF trip to typical