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Gabriella Page

Trip Report Layover Take-Over

So here we are in Amsterdam, our first brief stop on our trip to Ireland! Julia and I have made tracks (well I guess I wouldn't consider them actual tracks) from Dulles, Washington DC to the Netherlands. Julia successfully found her missing sweate


Trip Report Hello everyone

Right now it's only about one week until I leave The Netherlands to travel through Australia (via Dubai) for seven months! To be more precise, I'll leave on the 27th of August 2015 and come back on the 3rd of April 2016. Because I'd really love to

yessica van horssen

Trip Report nature v.s. citylife

After a couple of troubled days I feel calmer now. The transition to Dutch life didn't come easy but I hope the coming days will be better. I found citylife quite overwhelming after spending almost 4 months close to nature. I hope one day we can buil


Trip Report Nature



Trip Report checkpoint 1 | AMSTERDAM

mama has been a great and patient support for the last few days making all the final preparations. after a few nice last days with friends, phone-calls and lots of very nice text-messages and mama taking me to vienna airport i've arrived at schiph

yessica van horssen

Trip Report befriending my confusion

So back home for 2 days... The journey continues and I hope it never stops. Got some news for you all: I still dont know what I want to do and something has shifted in me today. I started to befriend my confusion. I was just wondering why do I nee


Trip Report General Notes for Travellers to Iceland

Point one is if you don't love it you're mad! That done, the most important thing for me is the hot pots. When the crew at Saltvik were talking about them I had no clue what they were on about. A pot that is hot? Dinner? Then I experienced it. It'


Trip Report Hallo Everybody!

An idea has born. I'm going to travel single around the world with a bike. I like to get out of my home and the things I see every day. I want to explore the world. Do strange things. In this blog I'm going to tell you where I am, the people I met a


Trip Report Preparing

Welcome to my travelling blog; Next destination: Japan (37 Days left!)