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Casey Minnick

Trip Report Belize – Guatemala Border. Melchor de Mencos and New Roads (Feb 2nd 2016)

TL;DR (Crossed a border, stayed at a nice hotel for cheapish, tried to pay with a highschool freshman ID card and met first horrible main highway) I showed up to the Belize-Guatemala border at the city of Melchor de Mencos around sundown. Overa

Casey Minnick

Trip Report I Wasn’t Late For Once. Belize! (Jan 28th – Feb 2nd 2016)

I made it from Arizona to Belize City in 12 days to meet my girlfriend at the airport (would have had more time if my bike didn't blow up in Phoenix but her plane ticket was already purchased).  This was part of the reason I was so excited about th

Casey Minnick

Trip Report Yucatan Peninsula. Chablé and Chetumal (Jan 26th-27th 2016)

It is now officially muggy 'as'.  Just 'as' with nothing else...A new term that I've picked up hanging out with people outside the US.  It seems to me as just a lazy way to not complete the simile but to each his own, it has definitely caught on an