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Trip Report We rock!

To fully enjoy the beauty of El Nido, you must do one of the tours of the Bacuit archipelago so we decided to wear our cameras on our necks and jump to one of the famous Filipino boats. When we arrived on the beach where all the boats leave we reali


Trip Report A Perfect View and a Great-ish Dive

I have been driven around my whole life, and this trip to Langkawi - an island off the coast of Malaysia - was no different. Basically my family helped arrange the trip, and as we landed, my cousin picked up a hire car and I was comfortably installed


Trip Report A Day With Aunty Christine

As we were handed from aunt to uncle to continue our holiday of honour, it was Aunty Christine's turn to take us out. Having taken time off her own work, we were off to see Batu caves. However, on the way we were first taken to the Sultan Salahuddin


Trip Report Malaysia’s Rest Stops on the Way to Malacca

Having met my Uncle Reuben at the family get together in KL he decided to take Premilah, Yasmeen and myself down to Malacca where he spends a fair amount of his time. Malacca city is a very historic city and was once conquered by the Portugese. It is


Trip Report Haze and KL’s CBD

Upon our arrival in the country of my birth, my cousin was kindly waiting to pick us up at the airport and so we immediately fell into the comfort of staying with family and having our every need catered for. But one thing was clear, things were not


Trip Report Gilis

Nach Canngu simer ufe nach Padangbai greist.. Dert heimer e super Ungerkunft ka "Dormitory next to the Beach" u ds isch wük so gsi! Ir Nacht körsch z Meer rusche u am morge luegsch übers Bauköndli u gsesch uf türkisblaus Wasser u e chline Hafe..