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Trip Report Safari Sense: What Travellers Can Learn From The Animals On The Savanna

When it comes to bagging the big ten, I don’t mean going hunting and stuffing anything (I’m vehemently opposed to that actually) but I do mean mastering big things from big animals out in the wild of the savanna—because let’s be honest, w


Trip Report LEWA | week 5 – 7

hello, little update unfortunately without pictures and really short due to little time and bad internet connection. the last few weeks i had hardly any internet. so that's why this blog was been put aside for a bit. i'll just give you a qui


Trip Report checkpoint 3 | ELDORET

Kwenda Eldoret On 12th July I took the "North Rift Shuttle" matatu to Eldoret (passing Naivasha and Nakuru). Nearly 6 hours for about 350 km. Here Stella (the daughter of LEWA Children's Home's CEO, Phyllis Keino) warmly welcomed me and took me


Trip Report checkpoint 2 | NAIROBI

Hujambo Kenya! On 9th July 2015 I arrived at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at 6:45 am local time – 30 min delayed. This meant that I was going to miss my couchsurf-host, Sanora, because she had to leave for work at 7:00 am. So I was th