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Trip Report Bologna


Trip Report Out and About in Padova


Trip Report A Room With a View

The view from our room at Hotel Albergo Verdi


Trip Report Rome Italy History and Cartography (1721)

I would like to start my blog with this very interesting video that I found about the history of Rome and its cartography.   "Rome Italy history and cartography is explored and examined from this vintage map t

Max Beyer

Trip Report Rome

Most of the trips we have taken this year have been weekend or long weekend trips. The only longer trips have been France and Italy. These were both places that we felt we needed to give ourselves time to see different parts of the country. When we l


Trip Report The Parco Giardino Sigurtà in Valeggio sul Mincio

The Parco Giardino Sigurtà in Valeggio sul Mincio is a natural park, including within its 60 hectres woodlands, many lakes, grotto, a medicinal herb garden, a water garden, a maze, and even a dog cemetery. Walking and cycling trails run through the


Trip Report A visit to Positano

The coastal village of Positano in Italy really is a place you will never forget if you take a holiday there. Positano has Moorish-style architecture and pastel-coloured houses perched among its rocky cliffs, giving it a very picturesque look so p


Trip Report Boats at lake Garda

The camping  Fornella also rents out boats at lake Garda from Baia Verde- we did this and had the most amazing day ever sailing on Lake Garda. The boat rental place is near a farm where they produce the most amazing olive oil; we took some wi


Trip Report Museum and theater Vittoriale degli Italiani

The Vittoriale of Gardone Riviera is a complex that includes many buildings, streets, squares, a theater, gardens and some rivers which was built between 1921 and 1938 on Lake Garda, in the area Brescia. The complex was built by Gabriele D'Annunzi

Steve Selina

Trip Report When in Rome…

A very typical blog title for a trip to Rome, yes. But the complete phrase is: When in Rome, do as the Roman's do. And that is exactly what I did. (more…)

Steve Selina

Trip Report Frolicking around Florence

I have two hours before my train out of Florence, and I'm sat in a café in the shadow of the famous Duomo di Firenze, drinking an espresso. The perfect opportunity to write about my time here. A mixed bag of beautiful buildings, beautiful peopl

Steve Selina

Trip Report Having a Lucca round Lucca

I can't promise these terrible puns will stop, but I can promise they won't be daily. Lucca astounded me. If Pisa was 'bella', Lucca was 'bellissima'!  (more…)

Steve Selina

Trip Report A little slice of Pisa

I arrived in Pisa on a Sunday, forgetting the Italians are quite religious! Buses were infrequent and a lot of shops and restaurants were closed, but for my first day of travelling again, I didn't mind taking things easy. (more…)


Trip Report Culinary Tourism

Lake Garda has much to offer: superb scenery, history and culture, fun and entertainment, and a grand array of culinary delights. My holiday apartment overlooks the lake and there is a splendid view of woods and mountains. All around the lake th


Trip Report Marvellous Meandro

We stayed at the lake Garda hotels Meandro and could not be happier the staff are very welcoming and the rooms really do have everything you need to set you up for what is sure to be a fantastic holiday. The views from the room are stunning and l