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Pratap Singh

Trip Report Three unique tourist sites which are perfect for family travellers in Delhi, India

In a recent report from Tripadvisor India, travellers in New Delhi India ranks 1st in exploring new sites. So in this post, I have shared three unique and thrilling tourist attractions which a family traveller in New Delhi would love to visit. All th

Phanikumar Atyam

Trip Report Ladakh trip, Ladakh tours, Ladakh holidays

3 Things to Do with when Going for a Ladakh Trip Snow-bound mountains, monasteries or gompas, shining white stupas, countless religious text-inscribed walls, and colourful flags, spreading the aroma of spiritual messages as the mountain breeze flo


Trip Report Five Top Things to Imbibe and Learn as You Enjoy Incredible India Tour Package

India is a land of varying contrast and diversity from the north to the south and from the east to west to the west. There is always excitement and fun discovery waiting at every turn of the nation’s robust cultural heritage. And on most of In

Geraldine Maddrell

Trip Report Friday’s Foray

One of the many tasks of the day was to get local sim cards for Ellie and myself. We eventually gave in to a tuk-tuk driver who was almost begging to take us around as the tourist season has finished here and he took us to have portrait photos taken

Geraldine Maddrell

Trip Report Touch down in INDIA!

Am still pinching myself, am I really in India? Wow, its been a life long dream and its happening now. Starting to feel some syncronicity already as on the flight from KL to Cochin I sat next to a man from Cochin who 'happened' to see me in the ai


Trip Report The rest of my life starts here.

The journey starts here!   This is my first attempt to start blogging, so I want to keep everything private for now if possible. Still figuring out the website and stuffs.   I will be using APP more than the website.  


Trip Report Bangladesh Travel Advices

Weather: The month of October is usually has hot and high humidity weather. The temperature rises 33-35 C during that time and humidity as high as 75-90%. So you will have a lot of sweating and you have to take lot of water to hydrate yourself


Trip Report A Day In The Rainy Jungle

Now that we had tested our climbing equipment, the plan was to abseil down a waterfall that was quite close to where my grandparents lived in the mountains. Sadly it was raining quite heavily the day we had planned to head there, but we didn't let th


Trip Report Back Home and Cycling

Sadly Yasmeen and I had to part ways on our way back home as Yasmeen was not able to get a visa into India in time - so now she was headed to Sri Lanka and I was headed to India. Sniff sniff... After I shed a few tears I was back home in India with m


Trip Report Goa : A part of India in the Panaji city

Goa - Panaji I was eager to discover India. It is a country much talked about when it comes to travel. I had the opportunity to live it with this fourth break, fourth and latest discovery of this trip. We stopped mid-April in the Province of Goa.


Trip Report My Experience at Safari World “Bangkok”

Safari world is the top attraction among the tourist in Bangkok. It is consists of two parks one is Marine park and the second is Safari Park and its spread 480 acres. It’s also famous as open zoo. I plan my full day trip. I stay in the best hotel


Trip Report The Forts of Jaipur

Sadly we don't have any pictures to paint any words for this post, so words will have to do... The city of Jaipur is largely surrounded by a wall, and along this defensive perimeter lie a number of forts. After a day in Jaipur itself, we decided to s


Trip Report Agra

We eventually arrived in Agra in the evening and after two nights on a train, were back on steady ground for a good night's sleep we needed. With only one day in Agra, we had ambitiously planned to see three sites before our evening train to Jaipur a


Trip Report The Pink City of Jaipur

After my near death experience in the heat at Fatehpur Sikri, we boarded the Shadabdi Express at Agra Fort and headed for Jaipur, the state capital of Rajasthan. My first impression was of the Shadabdi itself, as our carriage was AC, very comfortable


Trip Report The Dehradun Express

The train from Edinburgh to London takes around 4.5 hours and goes across a large part of the country. The train we booked from Madurai to Agra, crossed a similar proportion of India, but took 42 hours. I had underestimated the size of India! I was p