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James Aldridge

Trip Report Farewell to the Pearl of the Danube

I could live in Budapest, this city is fantastic. The last two days have been one awesome experience after another.The Thermal Baths. The Museum of Nazi and Soviet Occupation. Dracula's Catacombs. The Grand Bazaar. The Cat Cafe. Lake Balaton. The cle

James Aldridge

Trip Report Buda/Pest

The next time I decide to cycle in the rain, please take my bike away. No blog yesterday; it was a complete washout. We made it to Esztegom looking for a boat to Budapest; it turns out they don't run on Mondays. So we took a train instead, which had

James Aldridge

Trip Report Sunflowers in the Rain

Thirty two miles today, across wine country and through ten million sunflowers. The bike trail is more rustic in Hungary, lots of dirt paths which get muddy.We had some injuries today, I pulled something in my left knee. It's not bad but it could get

James Aldridge

Trip Report Hungry in Hungary

Forty five miles today; down the Danube and into Hungary. We had a hearty breakfast, and planned to refuel on the road.Everything is shut. Existing on ice lollies from petrol stations, we soldier on getting more and more hungry (a


Trip Report How To Come Out On Top In International Relationships

I mean, of course, only if you like the top. But jokes aside, international dating is one of those things that requires such seemingly perfect circumstances but happens to everyone who travels abroad, is like a fairytale dream but has the potenti