South America, Guyana

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Trip Report G’Town

After our 2.5 hour hike to the junction in complete darkness (but with an amazing star filled sky!) I didn't expect falling asleep at the hammock site next to the bus stop would prove so difficult. But with drunken(!) drivers screaming at each othe


Trip Report Let’s see, let’s see…Surama

After a bumpy ride through the savanna we stopped at the junction of the main road and the entry to the little village Surama. While the others left the car to put up their hammocks to stay for the night, we met a local from the village who picked us


Trip Report Tchau Brazil, Hello Guyana

One step further away from Manaus, one step closer to the border. Not as planned, but as expected we arrived a little bit later with the nightbus in Boa Vista, one of the last gateways before leaving Brazil and entering Guyana. Boa Vista was mainly k