South America, French Guiana

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Trip Report 8 basic rules to survive in a tropical area

Tropical areas tend to be quite dangerous for inexperienced travelers because of their vegetal density and their dangerous wildlife. This is why I wanted to write a small survival guide to avoid the main dangers encountered in those peculiar places.


Trip Report Into the jungle

Well, here we are, in the middle of the thick jungle of French Guyana. It’s been three days, and I think we ‘ve taken the first steps in the taming of this hostile place… The equatorial forest is full of surprises, and we have already had our l


Trip Report Hello world!

Hello fellow travellers! We are Isaure and Kevin, two young 22-year-old explorers who try to visit the most remote and inaccessible locations in the world! For our first adventure, we decided to stopover in French Guiana, where the lush jungle and wi