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Tim Scott

Travel Tip Essential Tips for First Time Flyers

An important fact of flying that frightens first time flyers— and some who never get used to it— is directional changes. Unlike wheeled transportation that hugs the ground, planes travel in three dimensions. They fly up and down, right to left, a

Tim Scott

Travel Tip How to Save Time and Money When Booking a Low-Fare Airline?

Customers, who are looking for ways to save money on their travel, must chose a low-cost airline service. These days, there are a number of airline carriers offering low-cost no-frills service in the United Kingdom. It is always better to arrive ear


Trip Report London ….

A cup of tea and coffee ..... Waiting for the next flight to LA ✈️


Trip Report Places not to be missed in Makkah during Umrah

Umrah has always been an important journey in a life of a Muslim. In Arabic, the word ‘Umrah’ originates from I’tmaar that simply means a visit. In Islamic vocabulary, Umrah implies paying a visit to Ka’bah in Makkah, and this can be perfor

Emma-Louise Steiner

Trip Report London’s Adventures

Today I checked out of my 12-bed-dormitory at the hostel and went to an apartment I'd rented over airbnb. Finally a kitchen and a bathroom to myself and no need to lock up my suitcase everytime I leave the room. Neat. After stocking my fridge I to

Emma-Louise Steiner

Trip Report Emergency Room

Yes, I am talking about the series as well as the real thing. I've had a strange feeling in my right calf for a couple of days but on Sunday it kind of got unbearable. I totally freaked out and told myself I had a blood clot and would lose my leg

Emma-Louise Steiner

Trip Report Sleeping Beauty

I had my first classic 10-bed-dormitory-experience last night. I was exhausted and went to bed rather early, reading and just relaxing a bit. Most of us were here and asleep around midnight, and not much later someone turned the overhead lights off (

Emma-Louise Steiner

Trip Report Hello Edinburgh!

Well, I guess it's time for my first post. I've arrived in Edinburgh, yay! First of all I will advise you to always, always go through the airport security at least an hour before your flights departure. I for one took my time, drank coffee with m

Elyse Steed

Trip Report Return to Gatwick Please

Before we left Australia, and all through our backpacking we planned to live anywhere BUT London when it came time to work. Sure enough London is where we ended up, because it’s so well connected, and the ironic thing about people who love living


Trip Report Test


Elyse Steed

Trip Report If These Shoes Could Talk

I’ve been procrastinating on this blog for about 2 months now. I had high hopes of writing a blog in January about how well London does festivity; the lights, the events, Christmas jumpers…the Brits really do it well. But then January came, and


Trip Report London

Second stop : London After working with I'm using now couchsurfing to find places to sleep and people to meet and learn from. Had two hosts who showed me the city and let me sleep at their flat. Just had the full experience of sleeping ne

Elyse Steed

Trip Report We live in… London?!!

We’ve done it, Jack and I have moved to London. This means we have a flat, some jobs, and a bank account in LONDON. I won’t pretend its been easy, for the first 5 weeks we were constantly thinking “what the hell are we doing?” It


Trip Report England

My first journey on my own. I arrived in London on the 6th of October 2015. Using helpx and couchsurfing to survive was my idea.  "start your journey at the sea" More than 2000 miles threw England, Scotland and Ireland in two an

Max Beyer

Trip Report Camping in Loch Lomond

I've always had a soft spot for Loch Lomond.  Ever since I sang the the folk song in high school choir and then again when my college choir sang it.  Sophia knows this, which is why for my birthday she surprised me with a visit to the loch.  Howev