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Emma-Louise Steiner

Trip Report Bayonne?!

Looking back on Paris, I must say that I liked it. It might not be my favourite city but I definitely want to come back. I obviously adore the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. Grand fantastic monuments, so close to the city center! (Even all

Emma-Louise Steiner

Trip Report Mais oui, c’est Paris!

Bonjour! That about sums up my French. No, of course it doesn't, I've had French for eight years in school! But still, I haven't spoken, read or even heard much French for nearly two years now... Which means that I'm a little rusty. So I arrive


Trip Report One year finishes, another one begins

Yet another year finishes, and 2015 was indeed an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. In 2015 I officially became an adult, I passed my exams with flying colors, I made friends that will last me a lifetime, I fell in and out o


Trip Report An opportunity to travel and discover the world!

Hi everybody! My name is Francois. I am french like my name suggests it. I want to present you the wonderful chance i get to travel across a small part of our world. I am a engineer student and i made a gap-year in my studies. I decided to boa


Trip Report Hello everybody !

Hello everybody, I'm Thomas and I'm a french student from Toulouse. Welcome to my first blog! Here you'll find my adventures in America Latina. I traveled during 24 days within Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. My team is made up of 7  people

Kevin OKeefe

Trip Report Les Temps Roulent Rapidement!

I can hardly believe that I have already been in Paris for a month! Sorry for the delay making this blog, but it's been quite the four weeks to say the least! It seems like no time has passed since I stood sobbing in the middle of a bustling O'Hare

Max Beyer

Trip Report Bordeaux

Day 1 - August 28th We set out early in the morning to catch our flight t Bordeaux.  Prem was the MVP of the day because not only did he pick all of us up at our own houses, and drive us to Edinburgh to catch a flight, he did so terribly hung over


Trip Report La Loire à Vėlo

After more than 1800km we left France and the EV6. It has been a beautiful journey along the Loire, which we met for the first time in Nantes. Since then, more than 70 castles and at least the same amount of vineyards and caves (and of course the eve


Trip Report 738 km to Nantes

We left Tim and Romy in Lacanau-Océan and started biking North. Now, 738km later we've reached Nantes and it is time to leave the Vélodysée 1 behind. Except for some bad roads and even worse signs at times, it was a great route overall. Definite

Elyse Steed

Trip Report Bonjour Paris

With year 8 french, Duolingo (phone app) and and 20+ Learn to speak French Podcasts behind me, I was optimistic about arriving in Paris and having basic French conversations with the locals. Jack and I took the 7:01am Eurostar from London to Paris,


Trip Report Everybody goes surfin, surfin Lacanau

After a beautiful stay at the summer house of family Parrique, the next stop of our journey was Lacanau-Ocean. We left La Teste-de-Buch in the morning. This time we were lucky that Tim & Romy were already waiting for us in Lacanau and took the ca

Max Beyer

Trip Report France – Paris

A quick note: Text written in black was by Sophia, and text written in blue was by Max I had been to Paris before on a trip with my high school French class, but I still managed to be in awe of this place again when we arrived.  It’s a very fu

Max Beyer

Trip Report France – Epernay

Finally, we started our drive to Epernay, the self-proclaimed capital of the Champagne region. This was my favorite drive by far. We hit some beautiful hills, vineyards and small towns right as the sun was going down and making everything look like a

Max Beyer

Trip Report France- Loire Valley

Day Four After our day at Mont St. Michel we made the four-hour drive down to the Loire Valley. This is a region spanning 170 miles in the center of the country, famous for its wine and its big beautiful houses… And by big, beautiful houses, I m