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Photo Gallery 18.3. unscheinbar jedoch groß & geräumig – von Castro Urdiales nach Liendo zur großen Palme



Trip Report El Tibidabo, Barcelona, Spain

El Tibidabo was our last Barcelona must-see destination. So, finally, as we saw the city from down, we came here to see it from the up point!!! So, here we are at Gaudi's City Top at 512 m high. На самой верхушке горы пост


Trip Report Hola Madrid

After a short but turbulent flight, we arrived in Madrid. Home sweet home for Julia and therefore no problem to find the place of our wonderful hosts Efren & Xavier (thank you so much). They welcomed us with delicious Spanish Tortilla and a guide

Elyse Steed

Trip Report Tour De France comes to Paris, then off to the Basque Region

July 26th was a date that I’d been looking forward to for months. When we were trying to work out when to begin our trip, the deciding factor was being able to see the Ashes at Lords; which tied in beautifully with the Tour De France finishing in P

Max Beyer

Trip Report Barcelona

Barcelona is by far one of my favorite places we have visited so far.  It’s not just because of the sun and the heat…but that really helped. Being surrounded by a different language, palm trees and Tapas restaurants on every corner made this tri


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Trip Report Sevilla


Trip Report Enchanting Galicia

Day 3 After crossing the northern part of Galicia through wonderful landscapes of pines and eucalyptus, we arrived at Santiago de Compostela. We tasted the delicious “Pulpo a la Gallega” and we continued the road to Rio Sierra, an excellent be


Trip Report Stupid Forever !!

Day 5 We passed the boarder to Portugal, and a few kilometers after we saw a sign : « Foreigners take the next exit to pay ». So I tell Robin: “dude that looks like a trap… keep going!”. We continued on the road for a couple of minutes

Liz Alexander

Trip Report Valencia!

Hello again, from Valencia! When I was studying in Madrid, Valencia was always on my radar, but never was very close to the top of my list of places to visit. I wanted to go to Sevilla and Bilbao before I wanted to come to Valencia. But Valencia h