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AgnesB*Fernweh Mausebär

Trip Report Back home in Germany

    I am grateful for this trip. I had the time of my life.  Thankful for all the people I met, that you shared your thoughts, joys and worries with me. Thankful that everyting went well, and the people I've met and me were not harmed in

AgnesB*Fernweh Mausebär

Trip Report Take-off, Frankfurt to Ushuaia

Flight from Frankfurt via Buenos Aires to Ushuaia


Trip Report Leave the world behind

Back in the little town in Elverdissen, Herford, where this whole trip began. We surprised Sebastian's parents with our return; we hadn't told them when we'd be back. We had been gone for almost 10 months, 302 days, 1 hour and 12 minutes to be exact.


Trip Report Lüneburg 呂納堡 – my second home town

Because of my study, I am now living in a city of Germany called Lüneburg. You can't find any skyscrapers here, not like Hong Kong. The highest building is the clock tower of the church. You never feel crowded and it is really comfortable to liv

Inge Hohmeier

Trip Report Rückblick

Letztes Kapitel Someday, many years form now, we’ll look back on this crazy time in our life and wonder how we did it all... All these moments will shimmer like stars as we recount them… I’ll sit close beside you, you’ll take my h


Trip Report Moin moin…

Hey I`m Este. I decided to travel a few weeks through Asia in 2017. This is my first Blog and a great option to let others know about my trip as well as a great remeinder for the future. So stay tuned and enjoy reading and watching !


Trip Report Ready for TakeOff

Berlin Tegel Airport  


Trip Report Preparing for getting started

  Only 6 Days left! Very excited :-)

Karin Leopold

Trip Report alles gepackt..aufregung steigt…first stop dubai…leaving tomorrow


Trip Report Jetzt geht’s los 🇩🇪🐶🐱🐭

Karin Leopold

Trip Report next stop Singapore…


Trip Report Hello world!

Welcome to your travel blog. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Max Beyer

Trip Report Berlin

For our final mainland Europe adventure of the year, we spent the weekend in Berlin, where we were lucky enough to know two wonderful Minnesotans: Catherine, an old friend from Gustavus, and Dusty, a new friend that we met through my brother Jeff.  


Trip Report Munich on a budget: How to save more than $1000 in Germany’s most visited city

Munich is one of the most-visited cities in Germany, and with good reason. As the capital of the state of Bavaria, Munich is surrounded by the stunning Bavarian Alps and home to countless centuries-old buildings, not to mention the famous beer halls


Trip Report Germany – Part 2

Biking along the Mosel, Sebastian left Luxembourg two days earlier in order to visit friends in Cologne. A quick stop in Bonn for the Beethoven house, but then Cologne and its Kölsch were calling, even more so because it was raining. A lot. Parking