South America, Colombia

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Trip Report Cali

We arrived to Cali to find out that there was a road block stopping anyone get out the city as the indigenous people were rioting against a police because they want their own police and they can’t and now the police have started employing guerillas


Trip Report Salento

I was going to skip Salento as the two main things to do are a coffee tour (I’m allergic to caffeine) and a 5 hour trek (I only enjoy trekking if there’s nice food and a glass of wine mid way) but there was a group of 8 of us going and it’s on


Trip Report Medellín Round 2

After a chilled couple of days we headed a back to Medellín for the weekend. 4 of us booked an Airbnb and it was so nice to be out of hostels for a week. Nice beds, sofa, Netflix, clean kitchen! But no hot shower! There was still a huge group of us


Trip Report Guatape

A group of 15 of us from El Rio booked to go to one of Pablo Escobar’s mansions for a tour and paintballing. The mansion was set on fire and bombed years ago when they were looking for him so it was just the ruins. I was so scared of the paintballi


Trip Report Medellín Round 1

I didn’t arrive to the airport until 11pm and I didn’t realise how far away the airport is from the city. Taxis were far too expensive but luckily all the airport staff were super helpful and found me a bus that went close to my hostel and then f


Trip Report Cartagena

Managed to use my poor Spanish to organise two local buses and a taxi and 8 hours later arrived at the hostel in Cartagena. It’s a social party hostel however when I turned up no one staying spoke any English so I had an early night! The next morni


Trip Report Palomino

By the time we got to our hostel in Palomino 9/12 of us had a really bad vomiting bug. I had somehow avoided it but was very ready for a detox anyway so we just had a chilled day by the pool. Palomino is really cute and I’d definitely have spent lo


Trip Report El Rio

Arrived at El Rio hostel and straight away realised I was going to have an awesome time! Felt like the hostels back in Asia again. Met a group of Canadians straight away so checked in and then took a bottle of rum and floated down river on a tube all


Trip Report Taganga to Minca

Everything is very bittersweet at the moment! Woke up to a group of English people in the hostel and in daylight the town is actually really cute. Didn’t have high expectations of diving as I’ve heard visibility is poor and not a lot of fish. It


Trip Report Taganga

So I was gonna write in my next blog entry how I was expecting it to feel more like Asia. I was expecting more dirt, dodgy electricity wiring and more chaos however apart from the driving it all seemed very civilised. However I just got to Santa Mart


Trip Report Bogota

Arrived two hours late at midnight into Bogotá, cash machines wouldn’t accept my card, no one speaks English, uber can’t find my location and no idea if my hostel has 24 hour reception. Finally I manage to get some cash and a nice police officer

Adrian How

Trip Report Hola mundo!

Just under 2 weeks in to my year off and I find myself with the time and inclination to start blogging... Its been a fairly un-eventful 2 weeks. I landed in Bogota exhausted after a casual few leaving drinks in London, paid about 3 times the going