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Max Pike

Trip Report Welcome to Shenzhen

Shenzhen is One of China’s richest cities that attracts a business people, investors, entrepreneurs and migrant workers from China and other countries to its golden streets. It's a popular, less than an hour by a train trip from Hong Kong, surpris


Trip Report Traveling to the highest place of the world

I have been to the highest area of the world – Tibet. On Wednesday afternoon I landed after 7 hours on the plane in Lhasa which has an altitude of approximately 3400m. This city is one of the three biggest cities in Tibet next to Shigatse and ….D


Trip Report Trip to the previous capital of China

  It has been a long time since my last trip. However, there were many things happening in Shanghai during the entire October.  A friend of mine from Germany visited me for a few days. It was exiting to show her the environment that I am curre


Trip Report Guilin and Chengdu – Exploration of South and Middle China

  Since I have some foreign readers, I will continue reporting about my experiences and trips in English. I do apologise in case I make any mistakes, but please do consider that I am still practicing and improving.This week was a national holid

Sascha Grumbach

Trip Report 28.04.-02.05.16 Beijing

Let's do something crazy and visit the capital of China during the biggest holiday there is in China, Labour Day. Considering all Chinese inhabitants traveling, and many to Beijing during this holiday sounds really crazy. Well it is. Though we dec


Trip Report Direction Koh Samui – Thailande


Trip Report Bejing Zoo



Trip Report Visit Schaeffler Taicang

Today visit at Schaeffler Taicang.First Plant 2-5,then Plant 1.Actually I didn't expect it that big.A lot oft people work her.Schaeffler has grown fast,is growing fast right now and will grow fast in future times.Now I realize how Schaeffler Asia did

Rocas Luisa

Trip Report celine bags

celine handbags Ethnic Hair, Beauty and Cosmetics Products in the U.S. report ( &rt=Ethnic-Hair-Beauty-and-Cosmetics-Products-in-the-US.html ) which is based on information gathered from primary, secondary, and syndicated sources. Primary researc

Sascha Steffens

Trip Report Shanghai – 15 million people!

Ahh! Finally some time to blog my experience here in this massive city! Since I've been here for quite exactly one month now, I'll just tell what happened so far: The Arrival: Flying with Emirates was quite a pleasure, since this was also m