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Trip Report Becoming Homeless

Apparently I've learned that leaving town for 6 months requires quite a bit of prep work. Understatement of the year. Adding to the chaos of thoughts and organisation for this trip, I've had to add the never ending paperwork and documentation needed


Trip Report Intro to my Travels

So this is the travel blog of a brand new blogger, me, Vee. Granted, my family is probably the only ones reading this, but let's try a moment of honesty, an introduction let's say. I'm a female traveler, who looks like a boy, travelling with my f


Trip Report Welcome to (7th) heaven

After having spent some days in Vancouver, where we stayed at the "Mansion", an amazing house with eleven roommates from all over the world. We decide that's it's time to go, and to finally end our amazing road trip. We are heading to Whistler,  the


Trip Report Winter is Coming : Preparation of the Road-trip

It is late November 2014, tomorrow we will leave our home for 3 months now, Montreal. Our goal is to reach the west coast of Canada, and find a ski resort to spend the winter season ! I'm going to give you a quick list of what we've done to prepar


Trip Report Backstory

This road trip is not primarily some fun adventure.  It is an alternate form of therapy.  I tried road trip therapy last year, but it didn't work because I needed more time separating me from the "trauma" or what have you.  "Trauma" is such a comp

Tina Rothe

Trip Report Blueberries, Raspberries & Mushrooms

Noting better than eating seasonal, fresh and absolultey GMO free foods. I have to admit, I take it for granted sometimes and will buy foods that are  cheaper. Especially when travelling around, volunteering and not making money. But not today

Tina Rothe

Trip Report New Foundland

Abandoned theme park          

Tina Rothe

Trip Report Nova Scotia

Welcome to your travel blog. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!


Trip Report impressions of my first week

... if I would summarize my week into one word : terrific! We did a lot and the weather was quite good. I don't know the right order of all activities but here we go: One day... ... the kids and I were alone at home. After a breakfast a

Chris S.

Trip Report Welcome to a place where people actually wear Bing shirts (I don’t reckon anybody actually uses it though)!

Welcome to Seattle, home of Microsoft, which is mainly visible by the increased number of Bing shirts and the free Microsoft-sponsored WiFi in the downtown area. Besides being home to one of the biggest software companies on the planet, Seattle al

Chris S.

Trip Report One hippie’s dream with extra green, please!

I heard before that Portland is a very special city in the US and it definitely feels different. There's tons of vintage shop and vegan supermarkets, people actually recycle here and in general it seems to be inhabited by a lot of hippies, which I co



“I come home in the morning light my mother says when you gonna live your life right oh mama dear we're not the fortunate ones and girls they wanna have fun oh girls just wanna have fun The phone rings in the middle of the night my

Mat Gordon

Trip Report Plan your next trip to Egypt and enjoy the culture and traditions of Islamic origin

Egypt has been a dream destination for many Islamic vacations as it has some amazing landscapes, scenic beauty and numerous Pharaonic ruins that attract millions of tourists every year. Ancient Egypt is known to touch your soul and create an unforget

Nancy McQuade


How could I not love this country?  Everything about it is beautiful.  The culture is rich and diverse.  The Balinese people are peace-loving, friendly and hard working.  The landscape, the temples, the ocean are breath taking.  The food is whol

Nancy McQuade

Trip Report Travel Day September 1

We flew to Montreal with a 4 hour layover.  We were able to stay in the American Express lounge so very comfortable layover.  Left for London in the evening.