South America, Bolivia

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AgnesB*Fernweh Mausebär

Trip Report La Paz + Lake Titicaca

  After a short flight to La Paz, I used the day to walk through the city. It was carnival, and the children threw waterbombs at everyone :-) The next day was our journey to Copacabana at the Lake Titicaca, and from there by

AgnesB*Fernweh Mausebär

Trip Report Salar de Uyuni

This night we could finally take a hot shower and live the experience to spend a night in a salt hotel. In the morning we drove for 2 hours through Quinoa fields and remote landscape. We crossed a dam with a road, and the only thing

AgnesB*Fernweh Mausebär

Trip Report From San Pedro de Atacama to Uyuni – Day 2

After a silent breakfast, we left our hostel and could enjoy the change of light and warmth during the morning. We passed by some beautiful lagoons with flamingos, enjoyed the colourful mountains and the steaming volcano on our way. Our driver cho

AgnesB*Fernweh Mausebär

Trip Report From San Pedro de Atacama to Uyuni – Day 1

In the morning we were picked up to get to the Bolivian border. After immigration, the drivers loaded the SUV´s, and our journey through the altiplano up to 4.800m asl started. The landscape vast, deserted, but the feeling of freedom and


Trip Report From Cordoba to Uyuni

We decided to leave the 5th of july, right after the exams. We took first the bus from Cordoba to Salvador de Jujuy, and then from there to la Quiaca, the fronteer city between Argentina and Bolivia.   Once we went down of the bus, we