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Elyse Steed

Trip Report Czech It Out

Feeling well weathered from our time in Munich, Jack and I were in serious need of some R & R. What better place to go than Prague, Czech Republic, where beer is cheaper than water… The city of Prague was was pretty to wander through, the ar

Ann Vanclooster

Trip Report 7 weeks to go…

Our departure date is nearing fast! We are on full speed trying to cover all the things that we still have to or want to tackle before leaving. Practicalities like vaccinations, passport, appointments, house prepping, finishing up several work pro

Ann Vanclooster

Trip Report Preparing for the trip

Testing out the blog here. Went to the library to get some travel info. We made our first travel plan tonight! Also had our first set of vaccinations taken care of today. 2 more months to go before we leave!