Melbourne, Australia

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Trip Report A Great Meal Before Leaving Melbourne

After our adventures in New Zealand, we had a quick pit stop to make back in Melbourne with family before heading on to Malaysia and then 'home' to India. Sadly Yasmeen could not get a visa to get back into India in time, and so she would be headed t


Trip Report Galleries, Botanic Gardens and Museums in Melbourne

After this amazing day out with Australia's wildlife, we had a few days to explore Melbourne on its brilliant public transport system of trams. I hadn't ever used trams before, and was amazed to find that Melbourne contained the worlds largest tram n


Trip Report Melbourne, Trams, Penguins and Healesville Sanctuary

After a great time with family in Malaysia, it was an exciting step for us to head to Australia for the first time ever. It wasn't too scary as we would be welcomed by yet another branch of the family in Melbourne, and so we were far more excited tha


Trip Report My First Test Travel Post

This is a test travel post with no images or anything.


Trip Report Hello world!

Welcome to your travel blog. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!