Oceania, Australia

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Trip Report 3 October – Day 94

Well this is it! We packed up camp for the last time on our great adventure around Australia and headed home. We were keen to get going early and so said our goodbyes to all the girls, the Terrys and the other campers and hit the road. We only had ab


Trip Report 30 Sept, 1 & 2 Oct – Day 91, 92 & 93

The day started cloudy and cold. Mick and I got up early and went for a walk up the beach to the S.L.S.C and then back along the road. We did a fair bit of sitting around drinking coffee and had lunch while we waited for people to arrive. Finally Nik


Trip Report 29 Sept – Day 90

Well what a surprise, we wake to the sound of rain falling heavily on our tent.  As we had shut everything up last night before bed we decided to  get up and pack up quickly and buy breakfast in Eden. Greg and Jodie were up early and had eaten a li


Trip Report 28 Sept – Day 89

We woke to fog for the first time in months and Greg was up early and had lit the fire. He wasn't feeling so well, must be from hanging around with Jodie. Before we knew it the sun had broken through and it appeared we were in for a warm day. We put


Trip Report 27 Sept – Day 88

We received plenty of rain throughout the night and woke to it still raining, which delayed the need to get out of bed. However Mick and Greg were keen to go on a bike ride, so they got out of bed, made their wives a coffee in bed and set off for the

Pierina Beeli

Trip Report Hello from the other side

Hard to believe, that I have been here in Australia already since three weeks.  Since I am in Australia, the time flies by very quickly. This is probably because spend unforgettable moments every day. I could already write entire novels about all my


Trip Report 26 Sept – Day 87

Still very cold when we woke up this morning but we packed up quickly and we drove back through the town for a better look. We took a walk to the top of the cliff to look over the town and read much of the heritage walk information about the history.


Trip Report 25 Sept – Day 86

After a night of rain we weren't sure whether to take our intended trip through the Yarra Ranges but decided we would turn around if the roads became too slippery. It turned out to be a good choice as the gravel roads were quite good to drive on and


Trip Report 24 Sept – Day 85

We were woken to sunshine for the first time in a long time, so we made the most of it and cooked ourselves a relaxing bacon and scrambled egg breakfast. After packing up we ventured down to the port where the ferry leaves to take people and cars to


Trip Report 22 & 23Sept – Day 83 & 84

Just to be on record I do not have a racist bone in my body, I actually love Asians. Once at Jervis Bay I shared firewood and beer with some Vietnamese uni students. Cruised out of Warrnambool with a stiff southerly blowing and overcast drizzly skies


Trip Report 20 & 21 Sept – Day 81 & 82

The day started sunny but breezy but we were expecting decent rainfall over the next couple of days. We drove south through Grampians National Park which was spectacular scenary with mountain ranges on both sides of the road. We stopped in Hamilton f


Trip Report 18 & 19 Sept – Day 79 & 80

Woke to a crisp but sunny morning and left with plenty of time to travel the 116 Kms to Horsham to go to mass. The priest warned everyone about travelling on the treacherous road from Horsham to Kaniva which we had just been on "the pot holes and flo


Trip Report 17 Sept – Day 78

Today was a day of mistakes by me (Theresa). It started when we got out of bed early and we headed to the laundromat with a mountain of  washing. We needed twelve one dollar coins which we exchanged at a servo. When we got to the laundromat I realis


Trip Report 16 Sept – Day 77

We woke to a beautiful sunny day in Laura and headed to the camp kitchen to cook breakfast and catch up with the news which always contains a stabbing in Sydney or Melbourne. We drove towards Burra, an historical little town that we had visited befor


Trip Report 15 Sept – Day 76

Although it was cold and windy when we rose this morning, it wasn't raining, yay! We made an executive decision to have a plate of cereal and buy a coffee when we got to Port Augusta. We booked the car in for a wheel rotation and went to buy that cof