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James Aldridge

Trip Report Vienna, Vienna

I lubricated my bike at baggage claim. No assembly disasters, but I think Harriet and I freaked out the public when we wheeled them out of arrivals. We biked the 18k into Vienna up the river; Harriet impressed me by knowing all


Trip Report Check in Done – Waiting for Boarding

….. 🍏🍎ἵ🍊🍋🍌🍉✈️ C&M

Chris S.

Trip Report Goodbye world, hello home!

So this (at least for now) is the end of my travels as work life already lurks behind the corner. It was an incredible 9 months that I got to travel through a whole host of interesting countries, I got to meet awesome people (some of which even spoke

Chris S.

Trip Report Going for another (this time bigger) bite of the Big Apple!

Yes one week in NYC is not enough and believe me even after spending a total of almost two weeks in the Big Apple, I am still not sick of its apply goodness. I mean, yes, New York is definitely not the best destination in the middle of summer, but

Chris S.

Trip Report City of sails, eh?

Yes, yes, technically Auckland has claimed that nickname, but in my opinion Vancouver has earned it just as much, it seems like Vancouver is surrounded by harbors filled up to the brim with sailboats. I definitely get why Vancouver so frequently t


Trip Report

      we will discover the world...follow us 


Trip Report First steps

just some short days left for leaving vienna...can´t believe    :)