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Trip Report Premium Car Rental Services in Dubai

Dubai is a unique city in the world that has no finish line in the race for excellence. The shining city of Dubai is moving a lot in the first position among other global destinations. Whether you require a Dubai Limousine for your prom party, busine


Trip Report Four Activities to do as a Couple

Spending time together as a couple is important for every relationship, and as the years go by it’s increasingly hard to avoid getting stuck in a rut. Although your relationship has matured since you starting dating, it does not mean that you s


Trip Report Dubaï : The city of the Heights

Dubaï : The city of the Heights After another month a sea, the ship docked at the harbor of Abu Dhabi. We took advantage of the break in the UAE to visit this city that is much talked about, Dubai. On our five day we went three days in the ci


Trip Report New phone find in Dubai

Last week, we went to Dubai for business, we just visit a Oil company. All thing goes well. While we found a strange thing, the phone they used for their employees are non camera phone, we know, in the most place of the world, the phone we used ar


Trip Report “Wow! Just wow!”

Quote Ally. And yes, Iceland in one word is "wow". Or maybe "majestic-as-fuck", though slightly cheating. So I'm on the plane and putting together some general reflections of my trip. Highlights Thehighlight: Saltvik and the wonderful people the


Trip Report Mosque

I had one mission for Abu Dhabi, to visit the grand mosque. I succeeded. Stunning building, hot place in the hoody (they said it would be fine in place of an abaya, which was black). Now I have two hours to wait until the next plane. Amsterdam h