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Trip Report The scintillating history of Ahmedabad

Every place has its own story to tell, especially the famous cities of the world, which have seen much in their lifetime. When planning a trip to someplace new, even if you are not interested history, you should at least learn a little bit about the


Trip Report 7 Places to visit near Satara

Located in Satara district of Maharashtra is the Satara city. The city is surrounded by seven mountains and is located at the foot of fort Ajinkyatara. The city homes the unique statue of Lord Shiva and also has several cool spots to visit nearby. If


Trip Report Guide to Spend Farmstay Holidays in NSW

If you are looking for a change and want to spend quality holidays with your family, a farm stay may just be the best option to consider. While spending holidays in farms have been popular in many countries for years, they have become immensely popul


Trip Report Explore the Natural Beauty of Lonavala!

The Lonavala and Khandala are beautiful hill stations located on the sides of the famous Sahyadri hills on the Mumbai-Pune highway. They are located so high that seeing those hill stations gives a pleasant feeling. The Lonavala and Khandala are the n


Trip Report Time To Trumpet! Exclusive Places to Spot Elephants in India!

Indian elephant also termed as the Asian elephant are gentle giants. They are often domesticated as a load-bearing animal because of their massive strength and are prized for their sedated nature after being tamed. In India, elephants are worshiped a


Trip Report Hello world!

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