About us

You love traveling? We also! At Traveloca you tell your "travel" story

Traveloca offers you the opportunity to share your travel experiences with your friends or the entire Traveloca community in the simplest manner. You can create blogs and fill them with any content: design your travel blog, your travel diary or your photo and video gallery as you like. There are no limits to your creativity! To sum it up: Traveloca is what you make of it, whenever and wherever you are! You can use our service via your browser, your e-mail account or your smartphone or tablet.

You might want to get the free app for iOS and Android, so you can carry Traveloca with you at all times and can share your experiences from anywhere!

Traveloca was started as a kind of collective travel blog in 2011. After a hughe relaunch in early 2013 Traveloca was enlarged to a travel community for travel bloggers. Since that time Traveloca has helped travelers and travel enthusiasts to document their experiences and share them with others all over the world.

At our Headquarters in Worms (Germany) the Traveloca web, iOS, and Android-app is constantly being developed further, to be able to provide you with a permanently up-to-date and stable system. Our team constantly aims at improving Traveloca and also tries to implement your ideas and advice as thoroughly and quickly as possible. We use all of the most modern and up-to-date technologies that are at our disposal to make it happen.

We often experience the most unforgettable moments during travels to faraway and unknown places on our earth. Therefore, our goal is to provide you with a platform through which you can easily and individually capture, share and archive your beautiful, thrilling and unforgettable moments of travelling.

At this time, we have more than 30,000 users from all across the globe. Up until now, more than 80,000 posts have been authored at Traveloca, and approximately 420,000 photos and videos have been uploaded.

The Team

Marco Graf CEO & Founder of Traveloca
Tim Müller Mobile Development
Sabrina Born Accounting


Wormser Zeitung

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Wormser Zeitung

original story