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An own Travel Blog is a very simple way to share your photos, videos and all your adventures with the community, friends or family and get a wonderful memory.

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Let yourself get inspired for your next trip by reading posts of other bloggers in the social travel-blogger network with more than two thousand authors.

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Come easily in contact with other travel bloggers around your current location you stay this time and keep in touch with your family members or friends.

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Create your own free travel blog in a few minutes. Its the easiest way to blog for family, friends or the whole community!

About Traveloca

Traveloca is your Travel-Blog community with many entry’s, photos and videos from travel-bloggers all over the world.

The fundamental principle of Traveloca is that every traveler can create his own free Travel Blog. So you can write posts as much as you like, there is no limit set in postings and media uploads – like images or videos for example.

Current blogger use the free and simple service at Traveloca to create free travel blogs for many different reasons.

Some want to keep friends up to date, others want to write travel reports for the whole community or interested readers.

We made the service of Traveloca as simple as we can, so you don’t have to be annoyed at technological things during the journey.

  • Write entries

    If you started your own free Travel Blog, you can write entries as much as you want about all “travel” topics you want (public or not).

  • Upload pictures and videos

    With an easy integrated image-uploader tool or the Smartphone-App you can upload an unlimited amount of pictures or videos.

  • Map your Trip

    Its easy to map your trip on your own free Traveloca-Blog. Using the Web Administration Interface (WAI) to create waypoints at you travel-map.

  • Detailed stats

    To get detailed stats about your visitor we have integrated an widget, that show you the number of visits / page views per day an the top referrer.

In case you need Help?

Forum Posting

You can submit your technical request at the “Support and Help” forum to get a fast response from the whole community.

Mail Support

In case you have trouble and only the Traveloca team can help you to fix it you can send us an e-mail by submitting the contact-form.

Support Hotline

You need very fast support? Dont want to ask in Forum or send a mail? In this case, you can contact our Support team by phone.